Artist's Montage is best in the Private Transferring of Artwork to Custom Cut tile, Standard tile, Marble, Sand Stone along with a variety of Glass tile selections. Simply chose your desired Artwork, Photo, Logo or Business Image, next chose your  desired  colors and size tile needed. AM tiles will work for all interior and exterior projects 


What we do

Artist's Montage is a place where anyone with questions regarding the arts, artists, representation, appraisals, new techniques, types of art, custom needs for indoor and outdoor projects - anything you can think of and would like a place to come to gather more information. All you have to do is ask and we will try to find or direct you to the answer. This is a free service.

Artist's Montage is exactly what it means "A Group of Artist's" and with that, we have the ability to match people with whatever they are looking for such as, Tile Mosaic's for a pool or a kitchen back splash, Artwork for the interior or exterior of your office or home, Sculptures for your garden, home and office exterior, If you can think of it, we can direct you to the best possible people. Artists are not just people creating works of art, they are also writers, musicians, actors & actress's, designers, inventors and others. We do many custom works for people wanting their own design or idea on what ever media. If you can think of it, we can do it or direct you to whom can. There is no question to simple, so ask away.

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